Parts of China could see temperatures hit 42 degrees Celsius

Aug. 6, 2013 – Shanghai, China – Pedestrians walk across a footbridge under the scorching sun in Shanghai, China, 6 August 2013…..Chinas record-setting summer heat wave is continuing this week with temperatures once again pushing above 40 degrees Celsius. The heat wave is the countrys worst in 140 years. In late July, Shanghai set a new heat wave record when temperatures hovered above 38 degrees Celsius for a week. By Thursday it could break its record of 40.6 degrees as forecasters say temperatures should stay around 40-41 degrees Celsius for the next few days. Residents in some areas, forecasters say, could see their thermometer rise as high as 42 degrees. Local authorities have been warning citizens in areas where the heat has been the hottest to stay inside and drink plenty of fluids. Swimming pools have been opened as well as rest centers in some areas to help people cool off and take a break. (Credit Image: © Imaginechina/


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